Paulo Herkenhoff On Curating For Rio’s Museum of Art

  “We’re the only museum collecting aggressively – and it has to be aggressive- right now in Rio. If a museum doesn’t collect, it dies”.

British Artist Danny Fox And His Wild-West Paintings

Experiencing self taught, British artist Danny Fox’s paintings has been described ‘like waking up in a world written by Charles Bukowski on a particularly heavy bender.’

Omar Victor Diop’s Self-Portraits Mix Old And New

Omar Victor Diop is a chameleon with a purpose: that of globally spreading a vision of Africa not so widespread, or rather, forgotten.

Joanna Choumable Captures Burkina Faso’s Scarring Practice

Joanna Choumable is a photographer based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, who works primarily with conceptual portraiture as a form of documentation.

What To Read If You’re A Collecting Newbie

The art world can be a very daunting place, with those that are ‘in the know’ and those that aren’t.

Antonia Marsh On What It Means To Be A Curator

Antonia Marsh is a curator based in London. Founder of the young collective and residency programme Girls Only,

Recap: Camila Yunes Guarita’s Favorite Zona Maco Booth

“The booth that really caught my attention was the Andréhn-Schiptjenko Gallery from Stockholm.

Recap: Outsider Art Fair, New York

Despite the threat of super-storm Jonas looming around the corner, the 24th edition of the Outsider Art Fair boasted a healthy crowd, mingling and drinking cocktails during the Vernissage on Thursday.

Ai Weiwei Sets Up A Studio On The Greek Island Of Lesbos

Over the holidays, Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei has been setting up a studio

Richard Mosse’s Surreal Depiction Of Congolese Violence

Richard Mosse’s otherworldly landscapes of the Democratic Republic of Congo challenge…