British Artist Danny Fox And His Wild-West Paintings

Experiencing self taught, British artist Danny Fox’s paintings has been described ‘like waking up in a world written by Charles Bukowski on a particularly heavy bender.’

Omar Victor Diop’s Self-Portraits Mix Old And New

Omar Victor Diop is a chameleon with a purpose: that of globally spreading a vision of Africa not so widespread, or rather, forgotten.

Joanna Choumable Captures Burkina Faso’s Scarring Practice

Joanna Choumable is a photographer based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, who works primarily with conceptual portraiture as a form of documentation.

What To Read If You’re A Collecting Newbie

The art world can be a very daunting place, with those that are ‘in the know’ and those that aren’t.

Antonia Marsh On What It Means To Be A Curator

Antonia Marsh is a curator based in London. Founder of the young collective and residency programme Girls Only,

Recap: Camila Yunes Guarita’s Favorite Zona Maco Booth

“The booth that really caught my attention was the Andréhn-Schiptjenko Gallery from Stockholm.

Recap: Outsider Art Fair, New York

Despite the threat of super-storm Jonas looming around the corner, the 24th edition of the Outsider Art Fair boasted a healthy crowd, mingling and drinking cocktails during the Vernissage on Thursday.

Ai Weiwei Sets Up A Studio On The Greek Island Of Lesbos

Over the holidays, Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei has been setting up a studio

Richard Mosse’s Surreal Depiction Of Congolese Violence

Richard Mosse’s otherworldly landscapes of the Democratic Republic of Congo challenge…

Recap: Art Basel, Miami Beach

See what our Nifty Navigator, Rita Almeida Freitas, loved at Art Basel this December. Carlos Garaicoa at Continua Gallery. It was love at first sight for our COO Rita when she came across these...