Issam Kourbaj’s “Another Day Lost” On View In Cambridge

In the winter of 2014, Issam Kourbaj called me up excitedly to tell me that he had an idea for an installation. Earlier in the year, I had co-curated his solo exhibition, Unearthed, at...

New Perspectives from Brazil: Rafael Alonso On Doubt As A Permanent State of Mind

The first time I met Alonso, I was wearing a cheap triangular necklace I bought in the centre of Rio made out of green resin – it lead us to Ellsworth Kelly

Claire De Santa Coloma On Her Painstaking Approach To Art

In preparation for her upcoming Solo Show at Arte BA, Buenos Aires, Claire de Santa Coloma gives us an insight into just how long it really takes to achieve such an ‘intense lightness’.

New Perspectives From Brazil: “Brazilianess” Defined By Maria Do Mar Guinle

“When I came to London in 2006, there were only four or five Brazilian artists who were known outside of the country; now you’ll see a handful of Brazilians represented at every major fair.”

Recap: “Not New Now”, The 2016 Marrakech Biennale

“Where Are We Now?” and “Not New Now”. These two phrases map the intellectual and creative parameters of the 5th and 6th Editions of the Marrakech Biennale

Recap: An Insider’s Guide To Art Brussels

Art Brussels is just around the corner, from Friday the 22nd until Sunday 24th of April. Follow this insider’s guide to make sure you don’t miss the best events in and around the fairs.

Yannick Demmerle On Life In The Black Forest

Living in the Black Forest in Germany for the past 3 years, Demmerle is somewhat a perfectionist, but sets his own rules of perfection.

Brazil’s Rafael Abdala And Jessica Goes Perform At The Benaki Museum

Opening on Tuesday 12th April, at the Benaki Museum in Athens as part of AS ONE, a six-week collaboration between NEON and MAI

Carpe Diem, Lisbon’s Most Innovative Artist Residency

Founded in 2009 by Paulo Reis, The Carpe Diem Art and Research (CDAP) in Lisbon, Portugal is an artist’s residency based in the Pombal Palace, a sixteenth-century building.

Recap: Art Paris Presents The Best Of Korean Art

As buyers, sellers, journalists and art students huddled in the drizzle, forming ever-expanding queues outside of Paris’s Grand Palais, there was a sharp sense of déjà vu for some.