state union European photography across borders

The State Of The Union: European Photography Across Borders

Getting from A to B is a boring old business in a European capital; I’ve yet to discover an underground rail network that provides an aesthetically pleasing morning commute.

Blurred Lines: Kinetic Art at M.A.D. Gallery

Intricate cog-work, nuts and bolts on full display in almost every piece, a full-fledged mechanical shark and, even, a humanoid robot: M.A.D. Gallery resembles, as the name suggests, a mad scientist’s lair – albeit...

Contemporary Art in Oman: Spaces and Places.

Contemporary Art In Oman: Spaces And Places

Oman has a long heritage of material culture that can be seen through its art movements of the 20th century.

In Conversation with Radhika Khimji Part II

In Conversation With Radhika Khimji: Part II

Pallas: It seems that one of the biggest anchors for you are your sketchbooks, so far you have eight of them, how long do you spend on one? Radhika: It used to be one...

In Conversation With Radhika Khimji: Part I

We caught up with artist Radhika Khimji in her London studio, surrounded by art books, evil eyes and a large collection of delicate crystals, we talked about her heritage, her recent solo show at...

Our Favourite Nominees For The 2016 Swiss Art Awards

Originating in 1899, the prize annually selects and presents current art works from the Swiss contemporary art scene, providing a survey of the most diverse and exciting works of art and architecture currently.

The Female African Artists Rocking The Contemporary Art World: Part III

It is skill and impeccable technique that has Lynette lauded as an artist. Known for working very quickly

1st edition of ARCO Lisbon 2016

Recap: ARCO Lisbon 2016

Despite some scepticism about whether Lisbon was the right place to host a new edition of ARCO (after all Madrid isn’t exactly far away, and would there even be enough responsive public) the fair...

Female African artists that are rocking the Contemporary art world right now.

The Female African Artists Rocking The Contemporary Art World: Part II

Ruby is a firm favourite within Africa’s contemporary art market, and is considered to be one of the few established female artists.

Contemporary art now Brazil

New Perspectives From Brazil: Painting Then & Now With Julia Debasse & Daniel Lannes

Did you know that Brazilian painting has a French-inspired history? Picture the surreal mixture of 19th century European painting style with the tropics and subjects of Brazil…