Must-See Art Stops In The South Of France

For those looking for that sweet blissful summer escape (or even those looking to make the most of Europe before #brexit actually becomes a reality), we’ve put together a handy travel guide for your...

Mariana Turchio On Bringing Latin American Art To The Middle East And Vice-Versa

“It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad as long as it provokes a reaction in you,’ says Mariana Turchio when asked what makes a piece of art good.

The Art On View At the 2016 Olympics in Rio

Starting on the 5th of August and ending on the 21st, the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games are set to thrill and excite sporting fans across the globe.

Conversation Ali Bakhtiari

Collectionair Conversations: Ali Bakhtiari

Collectionair speaks to Iranian curator Ali Bakhtiari about co-curating the most recent exhibition at TMOCA in Tehran, the Iranian art scene, and his focus on developing artist books.

Collectionair Conversations: Darren Harvey-Regan

Collectionair: Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind this series and why these particular objects?

Contemporary Art in Bali

A Taste Of Contemporary Art In Bali

Art in Bali is live and well! Thanks to the leader of Biasa Group for contemporary art development, we discovered local artists in Bali during a GAA trip organized to the area.

Collecting Stones With Artist Olivia Hernaïz

Olivia Hernaiz’s series Collecting Stones is based on what is an incredibly elegant and simple idea, built straight from her obsession with collecting, and the desire to bring new life to an older art...

state union European photography across borders

The State Of The Union: European Photography Across Borders

Getting from A to B is a boring old business in a European capital; I’ve yet to discover an underground rail network that provides an aesthetically pleasing morning commute.

Blurred Lines: Kinetic Art at M.A.D. Gallery

Intricate cog-work, nuts and bolts on full display in almost every piece, a full-fledged mechanical shark and, even, a humanoid robot: M.A.D. Gallery resembles, as the name suggests, a mad scientist’s lair – albeit...

Contemporary Art in Oman: Spaces and Places.

Contemporary Art In Oman: Spaces And Places

Oman has a long heritage of material culture that can be seen through its art movements of the 20th century.