5 Tips For Fighting Off The Office Blues With Art

Even if you love your job, getting ready for work can be a struggle, especially on those dark, stormy winter mornings. Sometimes, making it to the office is only half the challenge.

Old, New, Borrowed And Blue #1

Presenting you with a selection of news from the art world that highlights something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Jean-Hubert Martin On Curating In Cyberspace

The former director of France’s National Museum of Modern Art joins us in the studio to talk about the creative opportunities offered by the digital realm.

Collectionair’s Favorite Art-Related Lists Of 2016

In a note posted on Instagram in late December 2016, notoriously #nofilter art critic Jerry Saltz colorfully stated that the three most overused words in art blogs were “the”, “ten” and “most”.

5 Essential Tips For Purchasing Your First Photograph

We have put together a list of five essential tips you should keep in mind when embarking on the journey towards acquiring your first print.

Paris Gallery Guide: Belleville’s Blooming Art Scene

Visitors to the French capital can generally rest assured that they’ll be tripping over works of art as soon as they step out of their hotel; stroll down a boulevard and there seems to...

One-On-One: William Eggleston And Lorena Lohr

Two photographers born six decades apart tell a similar tale of everyday life in the American South.

5 Minutes With Marina Kurikhina

Marina Kurikhina is a Russian born curator based in Los Angeles and focusing on international projects, with a particular attention on Latin American contemporary art.

British Artist Simon Mathers At Canopy, Brussels

Canopy is an exhibition space in Brussels led by curator Louise Chignac. It opened in May 2016 with a programme focusing on solo shows by international emerging artists.

Contemporary Art Oman

Contemporary Art In Oman: Artists

Hassan Meer is the recipient of several awards and is one of the best known Omani artists internationally.