Bolivian Artist Liliana Zapata’s “Magical Dimension”

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Collectionair went to visit the winner of The Emerging Bolivian Artist Award at 9 Hillgate Street, a contemporary house in Notting Hill, London, designed by Seth Stein Architects which has been transformed by Fair & Co into an evolving temporary exhibition space curated by Philly Adams and Flora Fairbairn.

Fair & Co have now collaborated with the Ministry of Nomads to present The Emerging Bolivian Artist Award, featuring works by the winner Liliana Zapata and finalists Jose Arispe, and Jose Ballivian, which was on show from 14 November to 12 December.

The Award was launched in January 2015 in collaboration with the Bolivian Embassy, with support by The Falcone Foundation. This prize grants emerging artists in Bolivia with the opportunity to showcase their work in London.

Over 200 applications were assessed by a jury panel, consisting of Philly Adams and Flora Fairbairn, as well as art practitioner and founder of Kochi-Muziris Biennale in India, Shwetal Patel and Bolivian gallerist Mariano Ugalde of Salar Gallery in La Paz.

Liliana Zapata’s works are reflections on time, space and the construction of what she considers a ‘magical dimension’. On site in the gallery she was working tirelessly, on her hands and knees, cutting huge sheets of heavy paper with immaculate precision.

Zapata is fascinated by the construction and destruction of her sculptures, and the nature of their presence. Time, is what is most relevant to her, capturing moments of it through the simplicity of working with the lightest and purist of mediums. And today, as she creates and installs her works on site, all the issues of space, time and construction are coming to the forefront!

Liliana, who is absolutely tiny in person, is working at a machines pace, racing against time to create a moment that then becomes frozen, and hung on the wall, then to be removed and non-existent within the time frame it previously inhabited. For Collectionair it was the perfect way to see Zapata’s artistic concerns materialise. 

Works by Bolivia’s most important artists Sonia Falcone and Gaston Ugalde were also on show to complete the showcase.


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