A Street Art Exhibition in Montpellier’s Subway Stations Soon Comes To Paris

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The Blended Art Gallery and Cercle Rouge are bringing art to your everyday life: replacing advertisement banners in subway stations with street art.

Just imagine a typical morning, waking up, drinking your coffee and heading to your usual subway station. Everything seems normal until you realise that the usual bombardment of consumerism you are faced with has been replaced with something much more stimulating/interesting… This is what happened to all the commuters of the Corum tramway station in Montpellier, last June, chosen for its location in between two of Montpellier’s most artistic districts. The project was realized thanks to a successful crowd-funding campaign and a collaboration with Blended Art Gallery, based in Montpellier.

Art Station, Montpellier, June 2016.

Cercle Rouge’s crowd-funding campaign is one of the first dedicated to art. Its aim is to raise money to support artistic projects with a positive and charitable outcome in their communities. Thanks to the support of many art lovers, the platform was able to purchase numerous advertising spaces, enough to present artworks for an entire week. By partnering up with Clear Channel, the company in charge of the usual display, the project managed to replace 23 out of the 30 advertisement spaces in the Corum tramway Station. From the 22nd to the 29th of June 2016, the ads were replaced by works from Levalet, Stoul, Astro, Sean Hart, Mr. Garcin, Ose, Mayer, Sweo & Nikita, Asto, Goddog, Romain Froquet, Johnson and Quentin Dmr, the 13 artists invited to participate in the first edition of Art Station.

So what’s next for Art Station? The ambitious and innovative group wants to bring the concept to Paris, and has already started a petition to get it going. In the capital, there are about 50,000 public advertising spaces available, spread-out through the entire city, and seen by about 5 million people daily. The impact of the project in Paris could be huge. As of today, the petition has over 10,000 signatures, only 5,000 short of being able to present the project to Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, and Valérie Pécresse, president of the Ile-de-France Region. Join the movement and sign the petition yourself here.

A woman looks at an artwork by Stoul at Art Station, Montpellier, 29th June 2016.

Raphael Tecucianu

Raphael Tecucianu works in the Business Development side of Collectionair. On the side, he is a blogger, often writing about his own experiences working in the art world. With a background in Art History and Entrepreneurship, Raphael is always interested in finding innovative ways for people to share and appreciate art.