Recap: NADA Art Fair, Miami

Flora Hauser and the IBID Booth.

Fact that Flora Hauser’s work is so difficult to capture in photographs is a testament to the beauty within the intricacy of her works on paper and canvas. They are best seen up close. Austrian artist Hauser’s work spans between writing and drawing, working almost exclusively in pencil, including the background of the canvas in water colour pencil.

For Hauser, the process of drawing and writing feel like one in the same. In her work these two often interchange with each other to create a new kind of surface, alive with notes, scribbles, words and patterns all forming her own kind of code. These works are the kind we love to get lost in, reminding us that sometimes the most natural of artistic processes can still be the most beautiful.

Flora Hauser
Walk through the supermarket, 2015
Pencil on canvas
26.7 × 18.5 cm

Flora Hauser
Hundeshow Afterparty, 2015
Pencil on paper
29 × 21 cm

For Rita, our man on the ground in Miami this December, it wasn’t only Flora Hauser who stood out but the whole IBID booth, which was by far her favourite at NADA. IBID Gallery, based in London and LA, put together an eclectic presentation featuring Hauser and Rodrigo Matheus, a Brazilian artist from Sao Paolo whose assemblage of found objects call back directly to Duchamp and his ready-mades. At Collectionair we loved the way IBID combined the work of two young emerging artists from opposite parts of the world, and with polar opposite artistic techniques. In the end, their differences only strengthened their own individualities!

Rodrigo Matheus Retrato, 2015 ventilation mask, necklaces, wood and glass 58 x 24 x14cm.

Laeh Glenn at Altman Siegel Gallery

We found the simplicity of Altman Siegel’s booth very refreshing. With eight paintings by Laeh Glenn, an artist from Los Angeles, all hung symmetrically and all of the same size it was the perfect space through which to appreciate the block colours and two-dimensional forms in her work that make them so aesthetically appealing and enjoyable. At Collectionair we would love one of these on our walls!

Installation view Altman Siegel Gallery, NADA Art Fair, Miami, 2015.

Laeh Glenn
Naked Painting, 2015
Oil on linen
162.6 x 132.1 cm


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