Mathieu Merlet Briand @ the Moscow Biennale

Mathieu Merlet Briand – Our up and coming French artist spotted last year by our annoyingly talented Collectionair curator, Martin Guinard – is at the Moscow Bienniale, alongside Olafur Eliasson, Pierre Huyghe, Matthew Barney and Bjork. No big deal.

And BTW, Moscow Biennale’s chief curator, Yuko Hasegawa, was voted among the 100 Most Influential People in the Art World by Art Review’s in 2014 and 2015. Just saying.


Mathieu Merlet Briand is a French artist, living and working in Paris.
Mathieu questions the internet materiality and its representations.
In the manner of an alchemist, he creates his subjects which he shapes and transforms mainly in sculptures, installations, but also images, videos and performance. His preferred approach is close to engineering. He notably develops algorithms to recycle these masses of data accessible on the web. In his exhibition “Google Matter”, he draws the “data” of the search engine to create tangible materialization of the network.

Coming from a family of farmers, Mathieu seeks to question our contemporary environment, our nature, and our beliefs toward technology.

Merlet Mathieu Briand graduated from the EnsAD in Product Design in 2013. He then continued his studies at EnsadLab. During his academic journey, he also attended ECAL in Switzerland, for a semester.


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