Recap: Camila Yunes Guarita’s Favorite Zona Maco Booth

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“The booth that really caught my attention at this year’s Zona Maco was the Andréhn-Schiptjenko Gallery from Stockholm.

Co-directors and curators of Kunsthalle Lisbon, Luis Silva and Joao Mourao invited French artist Xavier Veilhan to show his new work, produced while in residency at Fundación Casa Wabi in Puerto Escondido.

Veilhan built a monolithic structure to shelter his sculptures and mobiles. The artist creates very simple and minimal architectural objects, almost like abstracts pieces. His desire to explore handmade work also comes across here.

The built structure at Zona Maco was an enticing invitation for the audience to go inside and explore the works in detail.”

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Camilla Yunes Guarita

Camila Yunes Guarita lives and works in São Paulo. She works as an art advisor and in 2015 co-founded Go Art, a website devoted to servicing the next generation of hyper-connected collectors and art enthusiasts by providing them access to information on artists to help launch their collections. In 2016 started to represent the Armory Show NY in Brazil.