Recap: Art Basel, Miami Beach

See what our Nifty Navigator, Rita Almeida Freitas, loved at Art Basel this December.

Carlos Garaicoa at Continua Gallery.

It was love at first sight for our COO Rita when she came across these particular works of Carlos Garaicoa shown at Continua Gallery. Garaicoa, the front runner in the Cuban art scene exhibited a highly politicised work at Art Basel this year.

Members of the public were invited to look through a magnifying glass at stamps with photographs of political figures posing with children. The work, no doubt a commentary on the current dangers of extreme political presences, makes us question the power we so freely grant influential political figures. Extreme ideologies, the artist points out, are something to fear not nurture, yet here the next generation is subject to lead by their example.

At Collectionair we love the interactive way in which Garaicoa explores poignant, and difficult, political truths.

Carlos Garaicoa, Anniversary, Installation, 2015.

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Henning Strassburger, Sies + Hoke Gallery.

From the moment you see Henning Strassburger’s work it is obvious that he is all about paint. Battling against an age that has been taken hostage by the digitisation of society, Strassburger takes us back to a simpler manual process, and asks us to stop for a moment and appreciate it.

That we did at Art Basel this year, where we found jovial, but also distressed and powerful emotion in the abstract and expressionistic gestures of form in his paintings. Keeping it simple, we like how Strassburger applies the paint thinly enough that his audience are caught somewhere between painting and prints.

Drunk but still alive, 2015
Charcoal, oil and acrylic on canvas
82 7/10 × 63 in
210 × 160 cm


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