Alice Anderson bought by the Centre Georges Pompidou

Alice Anderson is killing it at the Centre Pompidou who just acquired her work.


Well, museums have a limited budget for new acquisitions, so the fact that Alice made the cut is pretty dope! Check her out on Collectionair or contact us for an exclusive access to her new releases.


Alice Anderson was born in England in 1976, and grew up in the South of France. She currently lives and works in London. She completed her degree from Goldsmiths college of London in 2004 and shortly after she finished her diploma at the Beaux-Arts of Paris she was represented by the Yvon Lambert gallery in France. Anderson’s work is inspired by the characteristics of her own long and fiery red hair, too often the subject of attention as she was growing up. To calm her anxiety she began playing with it and creating shapes, eventually turning herself into an artist. She now uses materials that strangely resemble the appearance of her initial inspiration, creating sculptures by weaving copper around various objects, referring to this process as “mummification”. The objects used include, cars, vinyl, bicycles, basketballs, coke bottles, and even African masks. The process can be seen both as protective and destructive, as the objects are both stripped of their initial utility and also preserved and protected from the outside world. Highlights from Anderson’s young career include receiving the Gilles Dusein prize (Video and photography) for young artists in 2002 and her solo show at the Pompidou Centre. More recently Anderson’s career has evolved rapidly and she has been exhibited at the 55TH Venice Biennale and the Whitechapel Gallery in London, amongst others.


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