2016 Hangzhou Triennial Of Fiber Art Opening Late September

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In the wake of the all-important G20 summit, the opening of 2016 Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art has been rescheduled to September 26th.

The second Triennial is curated under the theme of Weaving & We, under the helm of Liu Xiao and Xu Jia, who are amongst the younger generation of curators with an international approach. Also in the curatorial team is Assadour Markarov, who co-curated the first edition in 2013 and is a key member of Research Institute of Art Tapestry Varbanov in China Academy of art.

The main event will be held at Zhejiang Art Museum, with works from a wide range of world reknowned artists. There are international names such as Oscar Murillo, Numen / For Use, Sheila Hicks, as well as a strong line-up of Chinese artists including Liu Wei, He Xiangyu and Xu Jiang.

Numen For Use Installation underway at the Zhejiang Art Museum.
Liu Wei 锛孍, Enigma, dimensions variable, mixed media, installation view, Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art 2015.

The installation of the exhibition has already begun. But due to the G20 summit, which will take place in early September, Hangzhou is in ‘lock-down’ mode and it has become impossible for non-diplomatic foreigners to entered city. More than half of the 60 strong participating artists are from out of China, and the majority of the works need site-specific installation with the artist present. The committee of the Triennial has now had to postpone the opening to September 26th, which is one month later than the original plan.

Running along side the main event there will be a series of satellite exhibitions all around the city, including Liang Shaoji’s solo exhibition named Cloud above Cloud at CAA Museum. Liang’s works are renowned for their use of silk worm in their creation. There will be other exhibitions held at Sanshang Comtemporary Art Museum (MFA students works from Fiber Art department in CAA), China Silk Museum (document exhibition of Chinese fiber arts and crafts), as well as series of workshops during the Triennial.

The planned closing date of the Triennial is October 25th, but it remains to be seen whether the event might be extended or not.

Sheila Hicks, Conversation, EastWest & WestEast, 2016.
Tali Weinberg, Bodies on the Line, 102x183cm, 2013-2016.

Joe Zhu

Joe Zhu is an art journalist and independent curator from Hangzhou. He works at the second biggest daily paper in China, Dushikuaibao as the art correspondent and has been involved in various international art projects. He participated in 2012 British Council's China-UK Arts Management Professional Development Programme, and Co-curated Open Books: Artists and their Chinese Folding Book, an ongoing international touring project that has toured UK, China, Australia and many more countries to come.