Mathieu Merlet-Briand Participates In 7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art

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We are very excited to announce that Mathieu Merlet-Briand will be participating in the 7th edition of the Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, taking place at the New Tretyakov Gallery between September 19th, 2017 and January 18th, 2018.

Curated by Yuko Hasegawa – Artistic Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, and Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts – this seventh edition of the Biennale will be centered on the main project Clouds ⇄ Forests, described as follows by Hasegawa:

CloudsForests focuses on artists as a creative tribe transitioning, expanding and dissipating, from forest to cloud, rebuilding the subjectivity of spectators and showing that creativity is vital to the creation of new environmental spheres. Taking into account perceptions on the generation of new subjective environmental spheres, the curatorial criteria for this exhibition includes giving life to new technologies as well as exploring ways to obtain animistic artistic languages and connect cultural roots, and leveraging the rhizome-based organic system to traverse history, genres, and media”.

Considering the project’s emphasis on connecting nature, technology and culture, it’s no wonder that Merlet-Briand was selected to exhibit his work at the Biennale along with 52 other artists from 25 countries. The French artist is somewhat of a modern-day alchemist, known for transforming immaterial Google data into 3D sculptures reminiscent of prehistoric geological treasures. We were lucky enough to present nine pieces of his algorithm-based art in the online solo-show, Google Matter, curated by Martin Guinard-Terrin.

The Collectionair team is looking forward to seeing Triptyche google red, google yellow, google blue, Hommage à Alexandre Rodtchenko (2015) at Moscow’s State Tretyakov Gallery, as well as works by all-star artists Matthew Barney, Olafur Eliasson and Björk.

For more information about the 7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art visit their website.

Mathieu Merlet-Briand, “Tryptich Google Red, Google Yellow, Google Blue. Hommage à Alexandre Rodtchenko”, 2015. Photo: the artist.


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