Collectionair Presents “Jennifer Abessira – Don’t Think Twice” in London

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Collectionair is delighted to announce an upcoming exhibition in London: Jennifer Abessira – Don’t Think Twice. Taking place from September 15th to November 26th, 2017, the exhibition will run parallel to a public installation of Abessira’s vibrant c-prints in partnership with Network Rail, Team London Bridge and MTArt.

The artist’s work will be presented on the 72 bollards of St. Thomas Street, outside the redeveloped London Bridge Station. Team London Bridge has kindly lent us a temporary space near the station to show a selection of prints from Abessira’s London Bridge series. Editions of Abessira’s work will be available for purchase on

Jennifer Abessira, from the series Elastique Project, Courtesy of the artist.

Born in Paris, France and currently based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Jennifer Abessira specializes in using images that reflect cultures and communities, which she then assembles to create a meaningful and colorful narrative. Abessira is known for using her phone or a simple digital camera to make bold, bright images where “high-brow” cultural artifacts and random objects coexist in a single frame.

In her ongoing Elastique project, Abessira produces images from her daily life without a studio, a fact that dictates her spontaneous approach towards the medium of image making. Each diptych in the series creates an association between two different images in an attempt to classify and arrange the artist’s life, which is dominated by an unstoppable flow of images.

For a selection of works from her London Bridge series, Abessira revives archival black-and-white photographs of important local landmarks by concealing certain parts of the images with vibrant paint. While Abessira’s strokes may look quick and impulsive, their resemblance to letters or glyphs could make one think that she was trying to reveal a secret language hidden in the contours and angles of the city’s architecture. Abessira’s overall practice is heavily inspired by her passion for cinema – particularly the work of French director Eric Rohmer – and the medium’s ability to depict the “holiness of daily living”.

Jennifer Abessira, The Times They Are A Changin’, Courtesy of the artist.

As part of its commitment to the idea that anyone should be able to collect art, Collectionair is joining forces with prominent contemporary galleries, collectives and institutions to produce limited edition, high-quality prints at an affordable price. Collaborating with MTArt and Team London Bridge on Jennifer Abessira’s editions is an opportunity for Collectionair to stay true to our mission and add a social dimension to collecting by allowing the public to experience the works as a community – along the London Bridge station and at the pop-up exhibition – before acquiring them for their personal spaces.


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