La Frontiera Presents A Refreshing Focus On Crafts Of The Past

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Opening their first exhibition this Sunday 23rd October, La Frontiera promises to be the kind of comfortable, welcoming art space Collectionair loves! Their objective is to cater to both the artists and the public, valuing them equally.

Their first exhibition presents a mixture of the past and the present. From poetry, sculpture, painting and tapestries to furniture, and even a concert at their opening. It’s all about encouraging interaction between visitors and bridging the gap between art and design.

Contemporary ethnic brocades from China, by Magalie-An Berthon will be set alongside the likes of this beautiful contemporary cabinet of curiosity, inspired by Antonio Vivaldi’s 4 seasons and these delicate collection of botanical papers by Parme Baratier.

Philippe Bemberg, MEUBLE UTILE, 2014 Paris made. Marquetry According to A.C. Boulle technique: Sycamore + Brazilian rosewood, 
brass polished details
. Limited edition of 8 + 3 A.P. + prototype
. 90 x 46 x 20 cm. Images courtesy of the gallery.
Parme Baratier, Botanical Paper Collection, Photogravure. 28 editions, including 14 reprints, 21 cm x box frame 15cm. Image courtesy of the gallery.

If you are in Paris this weekend, don’t miss out! Find out more details here.


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