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Olivia Salazar-Winspear is a journalist specializing in arts and culture. Working in both television and text, her interests meet in a Venn diagram of London, Rio and Paris or - if you like - Fine Art, Cinema and Literature.

Jean-Hubert Martin On Curating In Cyberspace

The former director of France’s National Museum of Modern Art joins us in the studio to talk about the creative opportunities offered by the digital realm.

Paris Gallery Guide: Belleville’s Blooming Art Scene

Visitors to the French capital can generally rest assured that they’ll be tripping over works of art as soon as they step out of their hotel; stroll down a boulevard and there seems to...

In Conversation With Victoria Mann, Director of A.K.A.A.

Founder of AKAA Victoria Mann told us that Paris was a natural home for her project, as the city establishes itself as a risk-taker in the world of contemporary creation, and a natural platform...
state union European photography across borders

The State Of The Union: European Photography Across Borders

Getting from A to B is a boring old business in a European capital; I’ve yet to discover an underground rail network that provides an aesthetically pleasing morning commute.

New Perspectives From Brazil: “Brazilianess” Defined By Maria Do Mar Guinle

“When I came to London in 2006, there were only four or five Brazilian artists who were known outside of the country; now you’ll see a handful of Brazilians represented at every major fair.”

Recap: Art Paris Presents The Best Of Korean Art

As buyers, sellers, journalists and art students huddled in the drizzle, forming ever-expanding queues outside of Paris’s Grand Palais, there was a sharp sense of déjà vu for some.

Paulo Herkenhoff On Curating For Rio’s Museum of Art

  “We’re the only museum collecting aggressively – and it has to be aggressive- right now in Rio. If a museum doesn’t collect, it dies”.