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Joe Dagher

Joe Dagher

Joe Dagher is a journalist, editor, translator and aspiring novelist. He writes and edits in English, Arabic and French for publications covering business, economics, lifestyle and culture in both Beirut and Dubai. Twitter: @joe_a_dagher Instagram: @joe.a.dagher

Mariana Turchio On Bringing Latin American Art To The Middle East And Vice-Versa

“It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad as long as it provokes a reaction in you,’ says Mariana Turchio when asked what makes a piece of art good.

Blurred Lines: Kinetic Art at M.A.D. Gallery

Intricate cog-work, nuts and bolts on full display in almost every piece, a full-fledged mechanical shark and, even, a humanoid robot: M.A.D. Gallery resembles, as the name suggests, a mad scientist’s lair – albeit...